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Something’s not right

Senior Contributor

people who don't care about how they impact others in public

You all know what I'm talking about -


the morons who can't keep it to themselves -


they say whatever pops up in their tiny minds and inflict themselves on everyone else


e.g. when it's busy and everyone knows its busy and someone starts making stupid

 comments  about how busy it is as if its some kind of interesting joke - which is very inconsiderate to the workers and everyone around them - the other thing is there is

nothing unusual about the situation if you have experienced it before why make any comment?? it is not helping anyone and not changing anything


i'm sure you can think of more examples



Re: people who don't care about how they impact others in public

@jamesle2015  I think sometimes it is just how people express their frustration. the busy emaple for instance some people find it best to not say anything and just try and work with it. while others feel the need to have a rant and display their feelings. of course if you are on the recieving end of those feelings it can be very unpleasant. I do think in public though you need to be considerate of how things will affect others where possible. 


I always feel bad for retail workers during the holidays and in general because i can only imagine the kind of abuse they get from unhappy coustmers who don't seem to care to ask nicely for something.  

Re: people who don't care about how they impact others in public

Hi @jamesle2015. Sometimes I too find it frustrating to hear comments that seem very thoughtless and that can have an impact on others. The other day in a group I listened to someone making a joke about psych inpatient facilities and people in them. Everyone else was laughing but it didn't feel at all good to me.

I so badly wanted to say something about how it felt but it was a big group and I didn't want to say anything in front of so many people. Sometimes I really want to say something when I hear and see things that bother me, but I worry about how my response will be taken so I find it hard to.

How do you feel about letting people know that their comments don't feel good for you?

Re: people who don't care about how they impact others in public

I wish I could say something but I don't think these people would care ...

the one I mentioned about the 'busy' example is some annoying admin person who

likes to make too much noise - if it was only that one time then it's not so bad but

this person seems likes to 'rattle' and waste time - you know the type of person I am talking about - not much going on upstairs but likes to hear the sound of their own voice.....there are customers that are like that as well

the other problem is that it is a workplace so the manager is always there to 'monitor' -

you know what I mean they don't want to confront the customer as they are more

concerned with making the profit - so if I confronted the customer I would get a lecture




Re: people who don't care about how they impact others in public

Maybe I should be grateful...most of the customers are ok most of the time

the other problem of course if I have to work under more than one manager


that is a big problem


weird things happen - e.g. they talk to you when your not in the main office - could be washing your hands or doing something and they expect you to respond ..then you have to try to work out what they are saying when you are not ready ....they should

wait until you are ready ...that is my experience I know not all 'managers' are like that

then they have weird personalities or habits you have to put up with - you can't tell

them to change or they will get offended - that part probably applies to a lot of workers

it gets really tiring I can tell you


Re: people who don't care about how they impact others in public

Hi @jamesle2015, that is so true. People aren't very considerate for others or they also say things in the vicinity to ensure other people hear them. A lot of people especially air their frustrations at times where there are crowds by complaining of busyness. Do you feel that people don't understand the feelings or emotions of people who work in the business?

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