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Something’s not right

Re: coping with "psychosis"

I I feel for you @Eden1919, I remember what it was like being in a totally new environment and being really unsettled. It sends already heightened awareness into overdrive. I know this may seem foolish but I’ve recently started meditating and although it doesn’t get rid of voices or icky hyperaware feelings, I can visualise going somewhere else for a short while. I usually visualise a nice beach somewhere.

Psychosis can really be sucky at times.


Re: coping with "psychosis"

@Queenie  Yeah sometimes I can meditate other times I just can’t. It really does suck. I am having trouble with everything now and idk what is left to do oh well I guess this is just going to be my life. 

Re: coping with "psychosis"

How are you going Eden?
I have found reading some of these articles helpful and contacted the writer:
I got late onset psychosis with perimenopause. She has helped a lot with the symptoms so far and I have a SKYPE session with her this week.
There is only one psychiatrist in Australia working in the field of mental health and hormones that I know of. No-one else seems to know about it.

Best wishes

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