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Something’s not right

Senior Contributor

Trigger warning: No human Rights on the royal commission

Hi there,


I just felt like I had to let this out (yes I know again, I'm sorry!)


And wanted to know if anyone else could relate.


Victoria is finally having a royal commission into the mental health system. And it is ignoring human rights.


As I know many people here will know all to well things are done to patients in mental health wards that would be considered seripse crimes with jail time if they were done to anyone else.


In fact the mere fact of being locked up against ones will forced to take drugs or forced to say they have a disease that is ideological. Behaviour that others think is weird and that they do not understand is only "abnormal" in a psrtpartic cultural context.


Other cultures have had different explanations for everything we call "mental illness". African shamans who learn to use spiritual gifts to heal are appalled by our mental health watds, where even belief in spirits is seem as a symptom of disease. A disease there is no model for. It's just called a disease purely because it's seen as "abnormal".


Some people see their experience as metaphors, sympplically working through inner issues, fears, concerns, traumas, etc. Some see it completely different ways. And yes, some see it as a disease and that is their right too.


But there is a big difference between having the right to see your ditsituat as a disease, change your mind at any time and maintain full legitmlegi and access to the support *you* find helpful and *you* ask for, and being forced to see it as a disease, or even as "delusional" when that doesn'take sene to you or your way of making meaning of the world.


And no matter how anyone sees their experience drugs should be a choice, they don't help everyone suppress their exlexperie and not everyone even wants to suppress their experience.


The convention on rights of persons with disabilities makes it clear that locking up people and forcing them into a particular perspective, model or treatment is a human rights abuse. The violence that goes with it definitely is.


Now we are being asked to "prove" that being tied to a bed or locked in solitary cobconfinem is traumatic. But if it's not them why would it be criminal to do it to anyone else? Does being seen as different, suddenly mean that violence and dominion stop hurting, stop being terrifying?


Does anyone else have experience of abuse or feel strongly we need to have equal Human rights and not ever be firfor again?


We have two Royal commissions on the cards one federal one state in Vic. Even if not Victorian, a change there will raise discussion in other states.

I am tired of being dehumanised and traumatised and leaving crisis "support" more broken than I went in.


Does anyone else agree that safe places should be safe and nobody should be forced into them? We have a criminal justice system for crimes. Where people are innocent until proven guilty not the other way around.


Love to hear what others think. Surely I can't be the only one who wants an end to force in mental health?

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