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Something’s not right

Re: My special place

51.png53.png  @Snowie 

Re: My special place

hi @Snowie
its been a while since youve checked in and im really hoping that your getting the help you need and deserve. my fingers are crossed that they are taking good care of you and being kind.
Thinking of you lots and hope you can check in soon ❤❤❤❤

Re: My special place

Second that @Snowie. It's been quite a while since we heard from you. Missing you lots my sister

Re: My special place

Really missing you @Snowie It is not the same here without you Hon Heart

Re: My special place

Hi all,

I am finally home from hospital after 3 weeks in there. It was a wonky ride in there with some good and some bad days over this time. It felt like a bit of a roller coaster. After another unsuccessful attempt it was decided I needed to stay in hospital for awhile to let the new meds start to work. Thankfully they have helped with minimal side effects and I can start to see the fog lifting. I still have high SI and SH but can say that I am safe for the moment. It is still a case of getting by day by day but at least now I can see a future, where as 3 weeks ago I could see nothing worth surviving for.

The pdoc I had was really helpful and helped with being able to start talking about past traumas and how my actions are harming myself. I saw him almost every day and it was a good support for me. I have an appointment with my regular pdoc next week so I will still be able to have his support, which I still need.

Whilst in there, I was still able to go to DBT. We have started Emotional Regulation which I find hard to comprehend. I shut down my emotions a lot I have found and become very numb, especially with the bad emotions I have. I have also started my individual session for DBT which I have had 2 sessions. The faciliatators seem nice and am finding I am slowly feeling more comfortable in the group session. I still rarely speak out loud but hopefully that will change over time.

I know I haven't been on here for quite awhile but I have been reading and following along with your threads.

@Faith-and-HopeI hope your are having a great holiday and know you will be reading along.

@Zoe7I am glad the meds are kicking in and that work is going good for you. I hope your mouth isn't too painful after today and that you can as least eat soft foods.

@outlanderwell done on your role as community guide. You deserve it hun and will be a great asset for Sane. You should be proud of yourself.

@Sans911I hope your infection clears up with the help of the meds. Also well done on going through with the exam. I know it probably wasn't the easiest thing to do.


I have missed you all on here and have kept you all close to me especially through the darkest of times. It was hard to acknowledge that I needed help and even harder asking for it. I know you all know how hard that can be. I look forward to getting back into everyday life and being able to offer/receive support on here. I feel like I have been in a bubble the last 3 weeks and am now back into the real world. Is quite a bit to get used to again and very anxiety provoking for me. (Nice deep breaths!!!)


Sorry to anyone who I have missed tagging but my brain is a bit muddled up today. 

Big love and hugs for all.


Re: My special place

OMG! You've been so missed sweetheart, but I'm glad you were somewhere safe getting the help you needed. Go gently on yourself now as you've been through so much. It's so, so lovely to see you back here in the forums again. Big squishy hugs 💕💕💕

Re: My special place

So lovely to see you back @Snowie and really glad that the fog is clearing a little. It has been such a hard road for you so even a little hope is a good thing. Much love to you Hon Heart

Re: My special place

Thanks @Zoe7 @Sans911 Heart

Re: My special place

.. snowso .. @Snowie 😸

Re: My special place

so good to see you @Snowie its really good to hear that the fog is lifting too ❤

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