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Re: Far and Away

sounds nice @Zoe7 , @Sherry , as long as there is no rain Smiley LOL

Re: Far and Away

Just our luck the rain would follow us @Shaz51 Smiley Surprised

Re: Far and Away

Ha ha ... oh @Shaz51  ... I am so glad I'm not the only one!


Oh yeah thats so true @Zoe7   .. this is the Far and Away thread after all.  I haven't been to the Maldives, though would love to go.  Its meant to be fantastic for scuba diving.  I have done a bit of that, but not recently.  How about Mauritius?  Thats nice.


Ummm ... I have an even better idea ... how about we head over and keep @Faith-and-Hope  company?  I'm pretty sure she said she was heading into summer where she's going.  Not sure if there is much rain there though @Shaz51 ?  


That would be good though ... wouldn't it?  




Re: Far and Away

Oh yes @Sherry Let's head to Greece. Smiley Very Happy @Faith-and-Hope could pick us up and we could be there to support her also - fantastic idea Heart

Re: Far and Away

Going to head off and watch Richmond play @Sherry @Shaz51 - for a little while at least until I head to bed - don't think that will be far off.


Goodluck with your Raiders tonight @Sherry Smiley Very Happy


Goodnight to @Mumi also if you pass by here again tonight Heart


@Faith-and-Hope Another day down until you return to us - always in my thoughts and missing you Hon Heart

Re: Far and Away


Hi @Zoe7 

Hope all goes well for you tomorrow and you make the best recovery. Will be thinking of you. 


Image result for friendship orchid flower

Re: Far and Away

Ohhhh yesss ... I would definitely settle for a trip to the Greek Islands. Wow! @Zoe7 @Faith-and-Hope @Shaz51 Hi @oceangirl .


I hope Richmond win tonight Zoe, after an absolute flogging last week. So far they are up by 3 goals, so I hope they go on with it. My Swans have a bye this round, as I think does your Lions.


Raiders have started well tonight.


I hope you get a good sleep tonight, ready for a big day tomorrow.


Sherry 😀

Re: Far and Away


Hi @Sherry Heart

Re: Far and Away

No plans @Zoe7 Thanks for asking. 

I don’t plan much lately. I’m lucky to get out once a week and that’s usually for a food shop. Oh and the occasional lunch out when I’m not too overly anxious. 💖. Night night. Will be thinking of you tomorrow. 🤗


yes, I was having the same problem with being logged out of the forums @Sherry All good now. 

Your hair sounds lovely. It so nice to have our hair done. 

I was able to have a big cry just before. Haven’t been able to let it out. Just need pain med and can’t wait for bed. Hopefully not a disturbed sleep again. Sleep has been hard lately. Nightmares and panic attacks as usual. It’s tiring, as you know for yourself 



Re: Far and Away

Yes @Mumi  .. unfortunately I do know what you mean. Though it is good to hear that you've been able to have a good cry tonight. A release of strong emotions is a relief. I hope you feel better for it, and perhaps fall into an exhausted sleep tonight .. free of nightmares and other sleep disturbances. Good night Mumi.


Sherry 😴

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