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'Covering' Do you do it?

I saw Troy Roderick speak today about diversity and Telstra's journey. It covered all the usual stuff you expect from these presentations except he mentioned something new I've never heard of. 

He talked about that someone with a problem that can be stigmatised that isn't immediately obvious can be covered by that person. He used mental illness as an example. What was interesting here was that he wasn't so much talking about mental illness per se but rather the problem that people feel the need to cover it up because of stigma. The other example was being gay. You could be a white male with no obvious source of stigma but still have to 'cover up' who you are. 

Troy went on to talk about how much energy this takes for that person - energy that could be better put into things like their work. Let alone the angst it causes. 

So what do people think about this idea? Ring home? Anything else spring to mind? 


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Re: 'Covering' Do you do it?

@mrkotter. An interesting post. I don't cover up my having MI. But I do hide behind a happy face sometimes, pretending I'm doing better than I am. And that is exhausting and then leads to negative self talk and therefore further depression.
I guess lots of people can hide parts of their personality - especially in the workplace.
When I worked - I was professional, great at time management, kept everything in it's rightful place, etc.
At home - I'm not houseproud, and my time management skills suck. So I guess there are different levels of 'hiding'.
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Re: 'Covering' Do you do it?

[ Edited ]

To me I 'cover up' a lot. Well, pretty much all the time. My bipolar is well under control but my moods do still vary and by more than average. Some times I just want to be left alone, like anyone else I guess. The thing is I'm used to it and I can still work. I know this because I know I'm kick arse at what I do.

I've just spent the last two days at an event. All my sessions went well and I made all the connections I needed. All the time feeling a cross between flat and down. But I still feel the need to cover up. Why? Shouldn't I be able to say 'yep, not ok but I'm still performing.' Why do I feel that won't be accepted? Even though I've just done really well.

I had a dinner tonight that's just a social thing. With all my work done the last thing I wanted to do was to be social with others. Yet, there I was going because I felt if I said something that would reflect badly on me to say 'hey I need some time for me'. So like a lot of us I went and made my excuses at the first opportunity and left. I might cop some flack for doing this, I'm not sure, which sucks. 

I'm just so sick of this. It's total bs. I don't consider my bipolar at the moment as an illness because its not affecting normal functioning but I'm still so afraid so I cover it up. What makes this even worse is that my boss knows my diagnosis but I don't feel comfortable talking to her about this at all and she's pretty cool. I'm tired of appearing happy and chirping when I'm anything but just to make sure people don't think I can't do my job. 

I desperately want this to be different. Not just for me. Not only do I spend so much time and energy keeping this charade up I feel like betraying my own values. Well, at best I'm lying to everyone around me. I want to draw a line in the sand on this. I'm tired. We have such a stilted picture of mental illness (especially at the serious end) in this country. 

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Re: 'Covering' Do you do it?

utopia wrote:
@mrkotter. An interesting post. I don't cover up my having MI. But I do hide behind a happy face sometimes, pretending I'm doing better than I am. And that is exhausting and then leads to negative self talk and therefore further depression.

Hey @utopia that's exactly what Troy was talking about - you felt like you needed to 'cover up' or 'hide' what's going on and that leads to the exhaustion and negative self talk you experienced. 

This isn't right. How can it be? If you are still just as productive as ever how is it ok that you feel need to hide how you feel because you might be stigmatised? Not wanting to talk about it because you don't feel like sharing is perfectly ok but this isn't.

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Re: 'Covering' Do you do it?

YEP @mrkotter triggers me a lot ..

3 big words ... "SCHIZOPHRENIA, SUICIDE, ORPAHNAGE .. cant say without serious negative social ... and stigmatic consequences.

I knew that from my 20s  .. tho my son did not .. and it did stuff up some of his socialising.

I experimented as much as I could ... with saying .. with not saying ... etc ...

I managed to contain it in 1:1 in my teaching studio .. during 25 years part-time teaching, but in the end have SPAT the dummy and not that desperate to cater to middleclass pretensions .. even at the expense of my income.


.. my kids material needs are well and truly met .. I can live on the smell of an oily rag for protracted periods of time  1/2 pension ..... I still am grateful to Centrelink .. and to Social Security .. we have to figure out our LIFESTYLE CHOICES.

I  kind of let private & declared business go .. seeing what else happens ...doing music just for me atm.

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Re: 'Covering' Do you do it?

I don't see this as lying nor that I'm betraying my own values. For me it's a coping mechanism. I'm open about my bipolar with all the people who I work with but they don't need to know every little mood change either.

Other people in the team don't necessarily give all the rip roaring details about the row they had with their spouse that morning even if they're a bit quieter than usual. I see mood fluctuations as being in much the same category. If I'm really unwell though I say so.

Take care 🎶